About Us

PICTURED ABOVE: Rachel Dawick, Ian, Gerry, Matt Hill, Desi Friel from 7th October.

For  the first 9 months our on line presence has been restricted to Facebook as, to be honest, we weren’t sure how or if The Circle would take off.

We have our answer or at least our first versions of an answer. The Circle works, our audience love it, they come back every time but we now need to expand our audience and have more people be aware of what we are doing and why.

The Circle meets on alternate Wednesdays at Walshaw Sports Club, Sycamore Lane, Tottington. Doors open at 7.45 with music starting at 8.30

The resident songwriters are Ian Reynolds-Young, Gerry O’Gorman and Stuart Warburton – all seasoned musicians and writers with an abundance of original material at their fingertips.

Every Circle sees the residents plus an invited guest play original songs in turn during the first half, then after the break the guest will have an opportunity to play a set to showcase his or her talents! So far we’ve had local and international songwriters join us and we’re now booking into 2016.

Ian Reynolds-Young, Eliza P, Desi Friel
Gerry O’Gorman, Ian Reynolds-Young, Matt Hill, Stuart Warburton

For the moment we will let the pictures and links speak for themselves however if you are an established songwriter and would like to join us as a guest just drop us a line using the contacts page and we’ll come back to you as soon as possible.


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