Who’s coming up next? Stone Roses or Garron Frith?

Whilst thousands sit or stand side by side and have to rely on mega amplification to see a few spots on the stage at The Etihad when The Stone Roses make their appearance, our audience will be seated comfortably.


Circle favourite, Garron Frith, will be within feet of us, unplugged and we’ll hear every word! Make the right choice, come and join us!

IMG_4747 (1)

Next time, on the 29th June, we have a a very special guest coming  for his Circle debut. John Doyle is a regular at The Hark to Towler and other local venues however it will be a very rare, unplugged and acoustic John that we’ll see this time.

We spotted him recently doing an acoustic set and were blown away by the strength of his songs so we’re looking forward to having him perform for you. Again, leave the telly, and come out and have a great night with Bury Songwriters’ Circle.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 14.29.00


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