Sally Barker, Henry Priestman… you’ve missed them!

We’ve had a particularly exciting time of it at the Circle recently. First of all, with some fear and trepidation, we invited Sally Barker (of The Voice fame) to come along and sing her own material, unplugged – as we do. To our surprise she agreed and just for the avoidance of confusion, we didn’t ask her because of The Voice, we asked her because we’d heard some of her stuff,  and heard that she sang with Fotheringay too.  We thought she’d be pretty good.

Then we were nervous in case we didn’t get anyone turning up, you know, those who thought that because she’d been on a reality show that she was somehow not worth going to see. Yes, there were those, but thankfully we had a full house and not only that but they all paid a bit more to see her, and bought some CDs. Many were musos too… and was she any good? Hell yes, absolutely mindblowingly brilliant voice with some very very good original songs. We’d have her back in a heart beat, even though she did tell our Ian to stop interrupting. We think she was having a laugh??

IMG_6114 (1)

Then, next time, we had the real pleasure of hosting Henry Priestman… If you don’t know him, he was the one on keyboards mostly, doing backing vocals but who actually wrote most of the hits for the Christians back in the day. He brought with him his touring sidekick, ‘Loved Up’ Les Glover. Well, what a revelation the two lads were! We knew that there would be a few good songs, we weren’t sure though how well they’d be sung as Henry wasn’t the singer in the band, BUT we have to tell you that the man can not only sing but he is a fabulous entertainer with it. The pair of them played for over an hour, taking over the second half, and we virtually had to take them off the stage. Brilliant brilliant brilliant! And, Les’s songs were equally strong and we’re very happy that he is coming back in October. Rumour has it that he’ll be bringing Henry with him for some more fun and frivolity. Can’t wait….

IMG_6165 (1)

Where were you? You just can’t miss any of these fantastic nights as you can never tell what is going to happen at any of them… more later


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